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9+ magic

9+ Magic Workshop Parties

By the age of 9 children don’t want to be shouting “Izzy Wizzy Let’s Get Busy” anymore and want some more serious magic. Our philosphy is that if you treat them like adults they will be have like adults. For this reason we do a full one hour interactve workshop which starts of with a fun/interactive IQ test for 5 mins, where they can win £20, because there is money involved they all enthusiastically take part, however to date no one has won the £20 but it provides a lot of laughs.

Based on this we go on to the magic show, which is bascially an adult close up show (tailored for teenagers) with such things as a head expanding illusion, multiplying rabbits, cut & restored rope, money making machine etc, which has them involved all the way through. They are coming up and doing the magic and it’s happening in their hands however for them, there is no way to explain it. At the end of the show we either teach them a clever magic trick that they can use right away on their friends or some balloon modelling or plate spinning. Having children in this age group I know how to engage them and what works best for them.

“Many thanks for the super magic session. Alexander was absolutely thrilled and hasn’t stopped talking about it”. Marianna Brain .

“Thank you for a fabulous party on Saturday. They all had a great time and Campbell said it was his best party ever!”. All the best AQ