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Children's Parties and Magic Shows

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Kids Magic Show London

For Children, Simon becomes Simple Simon. He has been entertaining children for many years and runs a one hour show or a two hour show.

For the one hour show he does an interactive 45mins magic show, which involves the children coming up and doing the tricks, as they tend to go wrong for Simon and he needs their help, to get the tricks to work. The children get to keep their own magic wand and sometimes part of the trick that they did the magic on. Because it's fun, all the children want to volunteer to come and help the magician.

It also involves a lot of audience participation especially when shouting out the magic words. You can be sure that the children will start letting him know when something is happening that he's not aware of!!! Because its loud, fast and fun the children love every minute of it.

During the show a Live White Rabbit appears by Magic. The children get to meet the rabbit at the end of the show and have a chance to pet it and have their picture taken with it.

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Birthday children receiving their certificate
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Children with spinning plates

Children's Birthday Party Entertainer

If it's for a birthday party, the birthday child comes and helps to make sweets for all their friends. Sometimes it goes wrong and a racoon appears but then they try again and the sweets appear. They then get to hand out the sweets to their friends. The birthday child is then presented a laminated certificate to promote them to magicians assistant.

By handing out the sweets and receiving the certificate it makes them feel special and important and the day all the more memorable for them.
For the last fifteen minutes Simon makes balloon models for the children, and they get to choose if they want a hat, a dog, a sword etc.

For the two hour show Simon does an hour of magic, followed by a 10 minute break where the children can grab a bite to eat or drink. If it's longer than that because they are so excited they start running around again so its best to keep them fully occupied.

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Children's fun and party games   Children with their balloon models


Afterwards they get to have a go with Spinning Plates, passing them to each other, making the plates jump etc. This they remember for years to come.
This is followed by interactive games, balloon races, magic circles, and some old favourites but not elimination games as once the child gets eliminated - they get bored and start to cause trouble. We provide some small prizes for all of these games.

At the end, again we would make balloon models for all the kids. This could be anything from swords, dogs, swans, hats etc.

We also have the availability to have Karaoke and/or a Mini Disco. So if you have some older children they can sing along to their favourite songs and afterwards have a mini disco.

Because it's your party we can basically mix and match some, or all, of the above and tailor them to suit your needs to make it special for your child.

Please call us for a price on a one hour show or a two hour show. As we said before we can mix and match so please let us know what you want and we will tailor the show to suit your needs!!!


"I would like to thank you for making my 7th Birthday party so special, my friends enjoyed your performance and I would like to thank you for making it very enjoyable for us all. I hope to become your Magician Assistant again sometime in the future."Rowan Van-Horne

“I was honoured to watch your performance with my two daughters at Lotte’s birthday party in East Dulwich two weeks ago. I thought you were brilliant and entertained all ages, children and adults. Would you be available to perform at our daughters 5th birthday?” Jen Cleaver

“Simon, thank you so much for the most incredible party for Emily. That was unquestionably the best party she has ever had, and the best thing of all, was that despite my husbands late arrival, it was all so stress free for me” Sophie Fitzhugh