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Have you ever put on a disco that hasn’t quite really hit the mark? Simon has a unique way of getting everyone up and dancing even if they don’t know it. Most DJ’s just put on the music and then let the kids get on with it but this doesn’t always work as some kids aren’t into the music/dancing as much as others. Simon overcomes this problem by getting them all involved with his balloon stamping game, where they all run around stamping on each others balloons.


conga7   limbo23 noredey
Children having fun doing the Conga   Limbo dancing competition


This is just a warm up, he then gets their coordination going with Spinning Plates (all children to get a plate), this is followed by dance competitions, the Conga, world famous rubbish game (don’t ask, you have to see it to believe it) and the recycling game. Followed by the Limbo and other great songs. The reasons Simon’s Discos are such a big hit is that everyone is involved from start to finish (even if you have two left feet, are shy and self conscious). By involving everyone no one gets left out and everyone has a great time.


Spinning plates   dancing competition
Spinning plates   Dancing competition


“My Children really enjoyed your school disco (and rate it as the best one yet) hope your diary is not yet filled as I want to book you for the Spring Disco” Secretary Notre Dame Catholic Primary School

“Would you be available for another school disco at Julian’s on the 14th of May. We all really enjoyed the last one, not just the children, and those that missed it have heard great things about it all”. Julians School PTFA