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Close Up Magician London

close hand Magic Show LondonClose Hand Magic is a wonderful form of entertainment for banquets, weddings and receptions. Close up magic can be performed at a reception (where Simon Mix’s and Mingle’s) or when guests are seated at their tables. Simon sets the room alight as he astonishes guests with his fun, friendly & interactive close hand magic that happens in their hands before their very eyes. Rabbits multiply, rings vanish, rope is cut and restored, cards float, minds are read and a great time is had by one and all.  Laughter and applause always follow him around a room. Simon’s helps guests to relax and enjoy themselves long after the event your guests will still be talking about the magic and entertainment ensuring that your event becomes truly special and memorable.

Close up Magician South LondonFor Cabaret Simon presents an exciting but fun filled show, drawing his audience into his world with laughter and magic. This is normally performed to everyone in the room and is started with a fun quiz which gets everyone’s juices going. Based on the answers member of the audience are asked to get involved – often with hilarious consequences. Shows can run from 20 – 50 minutes depending on what is required.

Close Hand Magic Testimonials

“Just a quick note to thank you on behalf of Rachel and myself for a fantastic performance at Chapter One. We had a great time as did our guests. Thanks once again, I know my friends were impressed and hopefully we’ll see you on my 50th  All the best Nick (40) and Rachel.


“Many thanks for the super performance on Wednesday. The Christmas Reception was one of the best yet” Sandra at the Major Energy Users Council (meuc)


“Thank you so much for a really fabulous show. Everyone was very impressed by the magic and I’ve heard that from people who weren’t there”. Di Wooley