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Mind Reading

During this 60 minute show, Simon Rosselli will be looking at some of these questions and seeing if we can find answers to some of them.

What is E.S.P and do you have it?

Can you communicate your thoughts to others telepathically?

Do you have a 6th Sense and can you tap into it?

Is it possible for someone else to read your mind?

Recently Mark Zukerberg said “The future of Facebook is Telepathy” .

It is also said that “Everyone is born with a psychic ability, it’s just a question of tapping into it”.

If you answer “Yes” to one or more of the following questions you may have this ability.

“Ever thought of someone and the phone rings and they are on the other end of the line or you bump into them?”

“Ever thought of a song and it begins to play on the radio?”

“Ever had a premonition, an omen or a hunch about something that came true?”

“Ever had a Deja Vu experience?”

During the show members of the audience will be invited to come onto the stage and take part in various demonstrations, using everyday objects such as coins, dice, colour pens, cards, watches etc to see if they have these capabilities and if it’s possible to unlock them. The results are profound and you will be talking about what you have witnessed for weeks to come.


We would like to express our sincere thanks for last Friday night. Your act was certainly one of the highlights of the night. People have talked of little else! It was a delight to have your act in the middle of the evening and was enjoyed by everyoneHelen Belton OGT Organising Committee.