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South London Close Up Magic Champion Threepeat

South London Close Up Magic Champion x 3

close up magic championLast night saw the South London Close Up Magic Championship take place. Each act had up to 12 minutes to perform Close Up Magic and after ten minutes there was a two minute warning. I have to say the bar was raised again this year and it was going to be a close call. In the end it was very close and the first two were tied - with three judges they both ended up with the same score. This was a first. This meant it went to a public vote and everyone was asked to put vote for their favourite Close Up Magic Act.

Glad to say Amigo's Magic came up on top by one vote. This means I have won it three times - a feat never achieved before in the Competition - another first. I asked that since I've won it three times do I get to keep the cup but got a resounding "no" as an answer. Many thanks for all those that voted for me and offered their congratulations.

It was a nice ending to the day as I woke up to find my car clamped and my phone line and broadband broken. Luckily these were sorted out during the day and was glad to have a happy ending.

London Magician / Children's Entertainer Locally

Children's Entertainer London

Children's Magician LondonHaving had all the bridges closed last week and all of Central London - due to the bike ride - I was glad that I was doing my magic show locally this weekend. On Saturday I had a magic show in Bromley, South London but they had seen me a few years ago in East Dulwich (probably at the Dulwich Festival in Dulwich Park) - they had moved for various reasons and now it was their daughters 6th Birthday Party. I have to say all the children were up for helping in the Magic Show and very grateful to all the parents that sat at the back and watched as well (instead of the chit chatting that normally goes on). They loved the Magic Show and the Live White Rabbit - they had two older dogs who were quite interested in it as well.

On Sunday I had a Magic show in West Norwood / Streatham Borders again in south London which was literally three streets away. One of the children attending the party was my next door neighbour who had never seen me at a Kids Magic Show. They were so happy with everything they were talking about next year but also entertaining again for them in the future with my Close Up Magic act.

London Magician / Children's Entertainer back in London

Magician now back in London

Summer has been very busy for Amigo's Magic and I've been to Venice, Bognor Regis and Anglesey. Arriving back on Saturday from Anglesey I had a Magic Show on the Sunday in Beckenham. It was a beatiful day and we were out in the garden. It was for a chidren's Magic Show and we had our own arena under a Gazebo. The kids loved the Magic Show and all wanted to come up and help and get involved. The Birthday Boy was very happy to make sweets for all his friends and the Live White Rabbit was a bit hit.

London Magician / Children's Entertainer 60th and 7th Birthday Party

Hire a Magician for a Birthday Party London

On Friday I went to a 60th Birthday Celebration in Thornton Heath, South London. I ended up doing a Cabaret Style Magic act to the room of about 80 people. At the end people were really blown away by the once in life time Magic Trick where I was able to predict the number of a dice in different people's hands - six times in a row. The probability of this was about 1/46,000 or every 127 years, if I was trying this once a day - everyday. I also see that adults are really just big kids and really like to be amazed just as the kids love magic shows too.

Kids magic LondonOn Saturday I was in North London (NW9) for a 7th birthday party. They had made so much effort for their daughter's birthday with a princess theme which was on the stage, around the hall and on the tables. They had a face painter and a DJ and the food was something else - with a whole pig on offer along with king prawns. They loved the Magic Show and especially the birthday girl who was the center of attention, making smelly socks and other interesting ingredients into delicious sweets. Off to Wales on Sunday evening but back to South London on Friday as I have a magic show over the weekend back in London.